10 Apps Essences that Run on All Smartphones!

When we buy a new smartphone, there are so many applications that we get half zonzo to choose those that are better. Some take up to a year to store a good list of usable applications for an operating system. But whether it wants to or not, every operating system has its roll of classics, those applications that all of us must have.

10 Apps Essences that Run on All Smartphones!

Knowing this, all the major operating systems for smartphones in the world have similar services and have the same purposes, being essential for all handsets. With the modernization and fragmentation of cell phones, many users still end up having more than one operating system in their hands and need to be changing hands every time, even passing information from one device to another.

So we did a search and found 10 applications that are essential for anyone with more than one operating system, mainly for the simple reason that you can use them all and share information between them, without having to manually pass data from a device to other. So let’s go the list.


We all need to take notes, be they more urgent or just a way to organize ideas. In some cases, we want to save some sites on a list, take photos of things to organize ideas and more. However, few applications were able to do this simply enough to be easy and fast at the same time. Evernote is the only application that has achieved this and moreover, one of the few available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android .

Skype / WhatsApp

Want to chat with friends without having to spend your credit with talking minutes on the phone? Skype. Want to send messages to your friends quickly and practically without spending credits for it? Whatsapp. Both applications are the most popular on all platforms to chat with friends over the network. Skype is still a great choice for video chatting, as few people in the world use video calls to talk to each other. WhatsApp is practically like a chat via SMS, but with the advantage of not eating all your credits while you use it. Skype is available for free for iOS, Windows Phone and Android . WhatsApp is also available for iOS, Windows Phone, Android and even an infinity of other operating systems, until the late Symbian.

Spotify / Pandora

The programs can be used as an online radio. It’s the new trend in the market, since the world is living in the cloud, and among us, it’s so much MP3 to take to all corners that we would need several 64 GB microSD cards  to store everything, apart from the complete lack of practicality to change the card. With iOS, Windows Phone and Androidversions  . All three charge a small monthly fee for streaming access without any limitations, but it is a fair price to pay for the large music catalog.

Shazam / Soundhound

Chata is that situation where you are listening to a song and you want to know the name or the letter of it to be able to download it at home or simply, to sing along. Both Shazam ( iOS, Windows Phone, Android ) and SoundHound ( iOS, Windows Phone, Android ) make this task much easier by automatically identifying songs, artists and even lyrics.


What would we be without the videos of cats, dogs, sports, and all of YouTube’s personalized television programming? The application has versions available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android . If you want access to good videos, it is the best in the market.


Now, if you want to watch movies and TV shows, Netflix is ​​the name to beat. With a very cheap monthly fee, you have access to more than 10,000 titles of several different genres. You might even think it’s not worth your money, but I’ve already used it and I guarantee it’s worth paying, especially for recommendations. There are a lot of good and cool things that the app recommends you would never watch in other situations. Perfect for the nights with no ideas. Available for iOS , Windows Phone and Android.


Already for reading, Amazon dominates the market with the Kindle and its numerous titles. Even for those who are more cows, the Kindle has several free titles for you to spend your time reading and getting some culture. Available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android .


There are a number of payment and financial management tools for banks we have for mobile phones. However, for online payments we have Paypal, the payment tool used by Ebay and thousands of other sales sites in the world, including Brazil. By far, it is also the best and safest in a market where PagSeguro, MercadoPago and others still need to eat a lot of angu to grow. Available for  iOS, Windows Phone and Android .

Box / SkyDrive

If fate is heaven, your world is really in the cloud. Seriously, we’ve all had to deal with the loss of important data because an HD burned, a CD broke or something. By storing your data in the cloud, you can predict and virtually nullify this risk. Two apps are available for all platforms: the Box ( iOS, Windows Phone, Android ) and SkyDrive ( iOS, Windows Phone, Android ). I use both and a few more and I approve of all! You can even separate the types of backup you do in one or the other, as I did, leaving everything more organized.

Facebook / Twitter / Fousquare

Finally, the triple crown. Facebook ( iOS, Windows Phone, Android ) is the bam bam bam of the applications, being one of the most used by the Brazilian giant, who woke up in 2013 and made a point to post all this on the Social Network. Twitter ( iOS, Windows Phone, Android ) is a more limited but full of content for anyone who knows how to use. And for those who like to shout where they are, wherever they go, play a version of “War” socially or simply, they want references of good places and promotions. Foursquare ( iOS, Windows Phone, Android ) is there with your maps and places.