11 Legal Ideas to Make with Broken Umbrellas

When a piece breaks or deteriorates for some reason, it is not necessary to throw it in the trash, as there are many craft options with recycled materials. And there are even cool ideas to do with broken umbrella, and with all parts of the umbrella, and both to decorate your home or make your day to day more practical, as well as for your look and protect you from some way.

Craft Tips For Making With Broken Umbrellas

With the rods of a broken umbrella you can make embellishments to accommodate in a vase, which can also be customized with you decorating a glass pot, for example. Pass the stalks a few gemstones and special pieces and fix the last stone with glue for jewelry. And as you can make this item with the style of pedrarias you want, you can get decorated rods of various styles and thus make it easier to incorporate them into the decoration already existing in your home.

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For you and your look, you can make a cap with the umbrella fabric, to protect yourself on rainy or rainy days and keep your hair intact while you are moving through the streets. And you can also decorate your cap, applying stones, sewing colored or printed cutouts or even putting a clasp as a clasp of your piece.

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And to sophisticate your dining room or other room that needs a more refined decoration, you can invest in a chandelier made with the structure of an umbrella and decorated with chains and refined beads. And if you put your imagination to work you get many other interesting and creative pieces.