3GSM: Domestic Node HSDPA

Telefónica y Vodafone, two large global operators agree to present at the 3GSM a solution of Home node HSDPA.

Still in testing phase, the node will be installed at the domicile of the user connected to the ADSL line and allows you to integrate new fixed and mobile services, a small revolution, since it will allow the simultaneous execution of multiple calls of voice or video calls and data HSDPA connections.

In both cases is the Chinese company Huawei who is behind the hardware. Telefónica speaks of 3, 6Mbps, while Vodafone HSDPA speeds up until 4, 8Mbps.

According to Vodafone’s own policymakers on his blog, work on the size of the device and have already succeeded in reducing the dimensions to make it smaller than a notebook PC. It supports up to 8 simultaneous users and self-configures to be integrated in the network. It also has enough power to improve coverage in a small office or home.