A Few Hours of Versace for H & M, Analyze All Capsule Collections. What Has Been Your Favorite?

A few hours so that to open selected stores that sell presumably on the same day the expected collection Versace for H & M (no one gets hysterical, safe, happens every year there will be refunds and can always catch something the days after) is time of reflect and analyze the impact of these capsule collections in the world of fashion, which have undoubtedly become one of the fashion of the year events.

Right now many fashionsitas are already nervous. Researching a bit, I’ve got me in forums and the excitement generated by this collection is incredible. There are those who have even organized excursions and first hour tomorrow will be making tail armed with value and hoping to buy their favorite items – to these things must go with the lesson learned and be brooded well catalog once in shop does not fail to be what he had in mind tomorrow “ which does not run flies ”, will be the slogan – turn to price Designer low-cost.

I would almost say that is the of Versace for H & M It is that there is more talk, not in vain Donatella has opened by the way the file one hundred one hundred Gianni, so far it was sealed. Although without neglecting the first with Mr Kaiser, Don Karl Lagerfeld that already was very much that I had his k ’ s for the Swedish retailer in the soup. He also attributed is the merit of being the first, the pioneer, we already know that Karl is as well, but then some had another rifi-rafe with the House on the issue of the size, also know as the man with the thinness and mini patterns, being spent and that it was well into meat & #8230;

that of Lagerfgeld y Stella McCartney had no male line, but if those that came after. Today we propose the exercise of reflection and analysis, that eventually all is seen from another point of view, to you choose your favorite collaboration, and even rate it or give you notice, we have done. I know that it is very difficult, and some garments seen today may be to cause to laugh and that not so long ago.

Victor & Rolf


Of the Dutch Duet was my favorite, they knew to print your label Victor & Rolf the H & M concept and fit very well. The best of this collection were no doubt the trechs, I arrived to see circulating store past a few days of the premiere, is that although they were very accomplished, they were similar to the normal collection. Middle note put you a notable high, to be the first given much play

In addition to an interesting American of in houndstooth Tweed, with a logo that it was created expressly for the occasion with two arrows cross, and one a Medal with the seal of the couturiers in the buttonhole of flap. They wore the garment and I I have to confess that this blazer is in cabinet (has been the only garment I bought all collections).

Roberto Cavalli


Roberto Cavalli in the collection of man for the Swedish retailer was it safe, covering several of their musts as always. The highlight was the white tuxedo shirt and gabardines, also costumes, who sat very well, although these were also in store stumbling. T-shirts and underwear by one hundred Cavalli flew that Yes. Middle note I put a Not bad, Cavalli expected much more.

Comme des Garçons


The Comme des Garçons perhaps was the most experimental proposal, like the REI Kawakubo -Director of the firm – as well be defiene. And some garments sinned of too much circus, stating that to me was that I liked the most. Of this I am with the shirts with patterned sleeves, Although I admit that it was difficult. As curious Rei has been the only one standing not sitting and was provided to the mass media, campaign would have their reasons. Of grade point average will you give a sufficient, to me, I loved it, not so much to the public. The designer didn’t know very well adapt their concept of peculiar fashion in the style of the great retail).

Matthew Williamson


Matthew Williamson was a ni fu ni fa, and I explain a collection of Air surfer with bright colours and pastel mixed between if, tropical winks and many Palm tree, We are going it was not far from the ‘ Divided ’ (young line) of every summer. Even so the thing would not be so bad when he repeated, has been the only one who has made two collections for the Swedish giant. The Navy blue suit with multicolored trim and the leather with tacks byker were the highlight of this collaboration. Middle note a sufficient scraping, pass by.

Jimmi Choo


Jimmi Choo was rare, and that I forgive their designers, the collection of shoes could more or less like – had some black booty which was not bad, but that not ceased to be a basic, and a golden studded shoe that directly was impossible to – but good for taste colors. Now the collection of clothes in a House that didn’t make fashion footwear only rang to filling. Very normalitos garments (all basic wardrobe) that included you the title of Jimmi Choo, I think to give more hype to the topic, view are photos. Note to the collection of shoes a well – expected me more, and the clothes a clear suspense.



Lanvin was the more stylized, much tailoring clothing, a magnificent Gabardine, a dinner jacket spectacular and accessories very work in the line of the maison. Now if he sinned a thing was of ‘ celadon & #8217; most of the men’s collection are bathed in Midnight blue or black – just a few garments in white, in Fuchsia and Burgundy shoes and some complement purple gave a reprieve, even too dark so – elegant colors where there, but that he came to saturate. Grade point average put you a notable for being the most sophisticated of all so far.

Campaign photos and shopwindows were certainly of the best of all, although the announcement of Donatella with “ your House, its rules and its taste ” stop to the annals of the history of contemporary fashion.

Good luck to all the brave tomorrow you madrugáis, I though I am very fan of Gianni well knows that both I give you, for the moment I’ll stick with my Versaces vintage and and see if any return saucepan. It would not be the first nor the last, more than one collection of these parts for the remains have been that you have offered to the staff of the House 50% discount and they have not gone out of stocks or with those.