Amena Gives a Heavy Blow at The Table: Unlimited Calling and Internet for 25 Euros

New totally unexpected movement in Amena. After lowering the monthly fee of your fee payment to seven euros min and eliminate the limit of minutes that had their tariffs with unlimited calls now operator announces its most important movement in recent times, the write-down of its main rate.

Now with unlimited calls and Internet low rate four euros share, up to the 25 euros a month, becoming without any doubt in the rate with unlimited calls cheaper market Spanish, with three euros of difference on the village of Másmovil rate or five euros of the rate Yoigo Infinita.

You do nothing it was Eduardo Taulet, CEO of Telstra, who raised the Hare suggesting that from the fall in the prices of interconnection that will occur in the summer could undertake a significant drop their rates to 20 or 25 euros per month, but in a move that infinite descolocada all rivals Amena has been moved forward with the reduction of 14% of their tariff.

Since Amena return to life by launching two tariffs with unlimited calls and subsequently one with pay per minute, has improved its offer, with the aforementioned removal of the minute time limit, the reduction of the bond data of the most economical rate and the cut in the cost of high. At this point mark He has to fulfill a demand, the implementation of a free telephone customer service.