Android Continues to Grow in The United States and More Than 29 Million Mobile Phones

As it has already become customary ComScore brings us one month the data of the mobile telephony market and, again, there are no surprises on the horizon: Android is still the platform most widely used in the United States with a significant difference from the competition.

The most outstanding feature of this latest report by ComScore is the growth of Android in the past three months. He spent 33% to 38.1%, significant growth that translates into more than 29 million Android smartphones, If we take into account that there is 76.8 million smartphones in the market.

As regards competition the only manufacturer that records positive numbers is Apple with growth of the 1.4. The rest continue to fall month to month being the most affected RIM who in three months has lost a 4.2 market share.

Android continues to grow is good news but should not be forgotten that the growth is not infinite. It is clear that the hegemony of the operating system in the United States is indisputable, but still much more you grow in other markets for example, Europe and Asia.