Android Leads The U.S. Market with Most of 27 Million Smartphones

Android is living a very sweet moment in United States. First it was Nielsen and his report where we saw Android covers a third part of the mobile telephony market. It is now ComScore who ratifies this result, if someone still does not believe it is.

According to a quarterly study by ComScore currently in United States the 36.4% of users of smarphone use Android, in second place we find Apple 26% and heels to RIM with a 25.7%. In total: more than 27 million androids If we take into account that there are 74.6 million smartphone users in United States.

In addition to the operating system data we are also figures of use by manufacturer hardware. Samsung head with 24.5% followed closely by LG with 20.9%, in third place with 15.6% Motorola and Apple with a 8.3%.

Data, if we compare them with those who gave Nielsen, are not new. The difference between the results of each study are very small. Which is fine because it helps to have a little more of certainty What is happening in the United States and have some data more prices of How many Android smartphones available on the market.