Breastfeeding: Practical Looks to Help You During This Phase

After nine months waiting to see the face of the your baby, behold he came and you, 1 minute, becomes mother.

Who has been there knows that this is the largest roller coaster of emotions that exist. You did that little thing that’s in your lap and she completely depends on you (#quemtácommedopõeodedoaqui).

Impossible to remain indifferent to these feelings and all the challenges that motherhood, by itself, bring to our lives, right?

One of those challenges is, definitely, is breastfeeding. An act so important for mom and baby, but a lot of people don’t realize how much can be difficult.

We well know that. Breastfeeding is different for each person, but one thing is true for everyone: choose clothes in the period of breast feeding can be complicated. And, at least with that part, we can help you.

The great truth is that if you wear out while amamentamos (especially in the very beginning, we handle) can be a bit complex. It is a new phase, with a thousand things to think and play pieces can greatly facilitate the process practices.

So what are the best options for this phase? Come on!


We’re talking about breastfeeding, then a point is paramount: the clothes must have easy access to the “food court”. So if you do not want to be raising her shirt at the time of breast-feeding, it’s worth betting on parts with buttons and transpasses. They are practical and make life.


It never hurts to repeat: breast-feeding requires practicality. So no use fabrics that knead too much (like flax) and/or are difficult to wash (like silk), or to tarnish easily. Gorfadinhas can happen at any time and the best thing is not to be worrying if the stain will come out or not.

The ideal at this stage is to reconcile easy to wash fabrics (the type played in the machine and it’s solved) and also let the skin breathe (normally we pass hot breastfeeding, especially due to the action of hormones in milk production and the fact of having a baby warm coladin Ho us).

Combinations of cotton with viscose or acetate or polyester cotton for the days a bit more cold is good. Also, before you choose what clothes you wear, take a look at the part that speaks of the washing label and look for symbols indicating that the parts can go in the washing machine and dryer, or on the line without much frills. We promise that you’ll end up thanking the time and money saved on this mission).


Clothes that mark the body are not only uncomfortable, but also are very complicated in time to open and close. So, the trick is to bet on trims more free. You don’t have to be large or oversized, but just not exact helps too (imagine having to squeeze in a super tight blouse after breastfeeding and even with a baby on his lap?).

Another tip is to bet on the v-neck. He is an excellent ally especially for those who want to highlight the rack (people really into this phase of “abundance” that breastfeeding provides: _). Another good thing is that most of the parts with buttons and transpasses (we suggested up there), naturally comes with that neckline.

To finish, a bonus tip! The other day, we were strolling through the web and we face with this post of Galosh boring about Nice pieces pro pregnancy wardrobe. One of them is the regatta without handle. Super interesting and practical. Worth to check.

And for moms who don’t breastfeed in the chest, but breastfeeding mothers with the heart, practically all the tips still apply. After all, we’re all in the same boat, dealing with diaper leaks, bloated belly and lack of time, huh?

We hope you have enjoyed the tips! If you have more themes that you would like to see here, tell us here in the comments! And don’t forget to follow us there on Instagram which has a bunch of tips.