Double Speed Down on Orange Mobile Internet Is Exacerbated to The 32 Kbps without Notifying Users

Not you sound is that of the? Double drop speed? It is likely because conditions does not indicate it as shown in the image above, but Orange has been applying it since its inception in the rates of internet to mobile with unlimited data traffic (including the Dolphin).

The limitation that applies Orange after overcoming the traffic at maximum speed of each rate not only reduced to 128 Kbps as advertise everywhere, if that could be seen for some time on the website and regularly check users who consume more data, applies a second restriction of speed doubled the initial traffic which up to recently reduced the navigation at 64 Kbps.

I say until recently because already some weeks ago that many users are complaining about new more restrictive speed that practically make useless the service by reducing the navigation at 32 Kbps even just the threshold of data at maximum speed.

The problem not only is that this double constraint sets in the conditions of the service if not so far Orange does not give any official explanation Despite having attempted getting in touch repeatedly in relation to this theme by what we can not say if it’s a new constraint or an error that already lasts for weeks.

The speed reductions are carried out to ensure the quality of the service

It is the only answer that has Orange in this regard and neither clarifies nor reassuring. They have saturated the networks and they are being forced to make adjustments promptly? Is it encourage bond buying extra? Is it only an incidence? A breach of contract by indicate a reduction “ 128 Kbps ” and not “ up to 128 Kbps ” as other operators? Too many questions that do not respond will continue growing next to each users increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of transparency of Orange.