Ford Will Use The API Google Prediction to Study Your Way of Driving and Improve Your Consumption

Still hang the news of the first day of the Google I/o 2011, and we have already seen that Google has taken a step to control the automation of Android@Home households. Although Google presentations have not touched the issue of cars for nothing, it seems that Google is working with Ford so the American brand cars are more efficient and adapt to the shape of their owners driving.

The key to the system is the Google Prediction API, that will allow Ford to develop a system that combines the driving habits owner with traffic data in real time to modify the operation of vehicle systems making it more efficient. I.e., if the Monday you sit in your car, this could ask you where you want to go and adapt systems based on your normal route to work, for example.

Suffice to say clearly that the system is still in its infancy, and Ford still has much development work ahead, especially with the protection of the user’s data, so not expect to see Android by controlling the efficiency in the near future.