Google Once Again Having Problems with The EU by The Superiority of Android

85% of market share which currently has Android in the world of telephony is the main topic for which the EU is investigating Google. The problem is that the company you could be using this majority in favour of its products and services. To confirm this, the European Commission is sending questionnaires to companies related to telephony.

The purpose of these files and questions is know if Google gives them some sort of requirement to use their maps, their search engine or Google Play. The Commission has put them up early September to answer all the questions, providing all possible data from 2007.

Recently we learned that Aptoide sued Google to the European Commission for anti-competitive practices, demand has perhaps even more motivated this research. One of the problems is that those who want to use the most recent Android they have to sign a contract which provides a number of services and implementation of Google installed by default.

The power that currently Google by having of millions of devices deployed worldwide It is very large, so that it can reach scare. It will have to see how events unfold in these months, although as much as possible is that in the end everything is arranged through negotiations. Do we get some be able to use functional Android to 100 percent without the need for Google services? Time to time.