H & M Is Moving Forward with Its First Catalog of Spring/Summer 2012

The Swedish chain is an advanced, that know you, that H & M as a good retailer always knows to be very a the release of new trends. And also as they are very forward-looking it advances to the season spring-summer 2012 with its first season lookbook.

And it is that if think it is not among the Christmas that are just around the corner, and rebates that always match the first summer deliveries, both soon we will again be in short sleeve, and that it has not begun the winter. Good like I am exaggerating though it is never more think on summer outfits and at least give us a respite in the meantime chunky knit and coats.

Tailoring of natural tones


So yes the Swedish House is still committed to a tailoring that is becoming more polished and well-made, costumes that usually feel well and with prices for all budgets. For next summer return to bet on the wildcard Court, i.e. the straight silhouette costume with trousers of narrow leg that not skinny, favoring us almost all.

In the spring many American the more casual come without inner liner, more chilly, and as to colors is committed to a palette of earthy colors but very soft, broken, beige, white toast, Stone ringtones. Also include a very light grey Pearl and some other cake as the pink tone. As for prints a model with subtle highlights finish mil-rayas.

Continue the injections of colour


In the wake of last season, continue the injections of bright as the yellow or red to base looks more flat. Changing trend of the blocks of color, but it will be much more moderate, the next year the contrasts are more subtle, he is appreciated. Although not let find ourselves daring outfits that mix the marine with the orange in a same set.

Also include the American with sleeves printeadas (which already had seen in some parades), like this one in Blue striped, and once again rescue the nautical parka as intense as the cheerful red tones.

Essential navy style


And the good time a style that never fails is the classic sailor. The navy always look knows reinvent itself, and again do again it. How? as with Dickies canvas mechanical blue with blazer game or with sets of tailoring of very wide leg pants combined with double breasted jacket (double cross) game.

Inevitably the striped shirt both long sleeves to the Jean Paul Gaultier – East if that is the classic that does not fail every spring – as the short sleeve, always combined with Chinese It is a garment that surely will take all.

The summer point


The point of summer nor will miss with pullovers of boat necks and slightly runaway point of grid and semi-transparent, many of them presented in organic tissues. The shirts are also suit with pants bermuda. And the cable, Although of less weight and weight, with deep peak necklines also will be present next year.

Spring leather


As a novelty, they introduce leather garments – or synthetic materials that mimic it, lately come much this type of synthetic fur in the low-cost chains – like these shorts in tone tobacco and some top cotton added to that wall of skin or similar. It also highlights the use of this tribal-inspired print Purple-toned and in shape of grid which arises in trousers from woven lightweight or t-shirts.

Accessories and shoes


In terms of accessories the thing is pretty quiet, looks generally convey a feeling clean and highly refined, so the use of plug-ins is very sporadic. Some other Mini scarf tied at the neck, the tote bags xl canvas and discrete skin belts.

In necessary shoes the nautical in Garish colors like the lemon or the Sandals strips. And also type Brogue shoes with sole of Cork and patent leather platform that you very much reminiscent of Prada’s last season. These surely are one of the musts, it remains to be seen if then there are in store, or they are designed only for the catalogue, which often happens with footwear.

I know that it is difficult to think of so fresh outfits like those of today, but to you what you think of this catalogue?