Hat Trend-Fashion Tips, Templates and More

Who says men can’t kick butt every day and special events? Nowadays men are increasingly vain and concerned with the appearance and are right, isn’t it?!

Check out today in amazing fashion Tips Not1, learn today how to use and invest in the hat trend and also how to combine them. See amazing models and get inspired!


That year and the new male trend are the hats! Many men are afraid to use it on a daily basis, but the new trend promises to be on all their heads!

In summer and in winter, the hat is super versatile, looks good in any season. Is a ‘ must have ‘ accessory for people with cool and modern styles, you have freedom to create your productions on the desktop.

But if your workplace does not allow productions with accessories, like the hat, it’s worth just using them to get out or in a walk. But remember that the CAP is only to be used on the beach, he deserves attention!!

The world’s most famous men, such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman and others have joined the trend and use always! There are various options and models on the market, IE has something for everyone.

In Brazil, the little darlings are the Panama style, and outside leather models, the berets and hats more altinhos are with everything. Worth didn’t stay out, lose the fear and invest in hats!

Get inspired in our models, don’t forget that this is a very informal accessory, suitable for parties, special events or environments stripped, the piece looks great with almost everything and deserves to be used!