How to Take Photos of Products Which Are Really Attractive?

Learn how to take photos of products is a growing need in recent years. This is because the internet commerce, also called e-commerce, has grown a lot lately.

How to Take Photos of Products Which Are Really Attractive 1

With this advancement also came the need for quality photos, beautiful and attractive to the consumer. Are true sales tools that it is up to the photographer products to produce and improve them when possible.

See this post for some helpful tips on how to take product photos really attractive and that fulfill your goal. Follow these tips and profissionalize of time its photographed. Check it out!


Usually this is a tip that appears a lot in posts about sales tips and how to sell more products. However, as the purpose of product photos is to sell, it is also very important to the theme of today.

Get to know the background of the product that will be photographed and seek to answer the following questions:

  • What’s it for?
  • Those who purchase this type of product?
  • What are the differentials of this product in relation to competitors?
  • What are the essential characteristics of this product?
  • How it was manufactured?
  • Of what materials is it made?

To answer these questions, and similar ones, will help you know what needs to appear in your photo and that can be simply cut off of the frame. After all, when you know all the details about the object, it becomes easier to understand what needs to be reinforced in the image.

Create a briefing with the client about the object to be photographed and make sure you have captured enough responses to direct its work.


A product is as a person, he has angles, good and bad. Sometimes a particular type of light, or perspective, do not value the piece, while a totally different composition ends up being the key to selling the product.

So don’t be in hurry to deliver the job and get rid of the photo session of the products. Position the object on the table photo and go doing various tests. Check all possible angles of the product, the perspectives, the light settings and etc.

You can even use some of the default settings for the majority of their projects, as a type of standard illumination, but keep in mind that each and every product is unique. As such, the adjustments to the photo of the products also need to be customized for each case.

Here enters the scene that most photographers loves to play with the scene and the composition, and take lots of pictures. After you select the ones that brought a good perspective and play again, this time with the angle and configuration already defined.

How to Take Photos of Products Which Are Really Attractive 2


The light, it is always her, isn’t it?

Photography is light and the end point. If you do not master it will be impossible to achieve the result you want in all of your pictures and with the photos of products is no different.

If you want to learn how to take photos of products are really attractive, will need to be familiar with the light and how it influences your images.

The best part of all this is that the subject of your photo does not claim, is not in a hurry and can’t get enough. This means that you can take advantage of all the opportunities to discover the perfect lighting for each type of product.

In addition, this type of photo is usually recorded inside a studio which gives you even more time and control over the brightness.

So, take advantage of the product photography to enhance your learning about the light and make all the required tests. For each work, you’ll have more intimacy and control over the lighting, and the improvements will be visible.


What you need to have in mind at the time to take photos of the products: the potential buyer should try out the product with the eyes, notice their characteristics and feel exactly as if you already possess the object.

I know, it is not easy to convey this in a single photo. However, this is exactly what is expected of a photographer’s products.

How to take photos of products , and transmit exactly this?

Preste atenção aos mínimos detalhes do objeto e tente reforça-los em sua imagem. As formas, linhas, logo, marca, profundidade, cores, tudo importa quando falamos de fotografia de produtos.

Therefore, do not let pass any detail.

On the other hand, you also don’t need to overdo it. You need to create a middle ground, in which it appears in the image only the essential, what the potential buyer really values.

Hence the importance of knowing who buys this object, which we have seen there in the first topic, remember? To know the potential customer, the questions he tends to make to the seller, and their common questions, it is easier to decide what is important to convey in your photo.

How to Take Photos of Products Which Are Really Attractive 3


Learn how to take photos of products is not only talking about adjusting the camera, camera lens and lighting to the photo. These points you probably already know, it is after all a photographer, is not the same?

In addition, these technical criteria shall be the same as in other photographic styles. All you need to do is to be aware of the conditions of the environment and to choose the best settings for your camera. It is logical that is not so easy, but the test helps to find the optimal settings.

The most important thing is to sharpen your look photo to be able to wake up feelings and sensations in the viewer of the photograph. In a few moments, there will only be the photo to make the sale. It is during this time that his work will show all the value that it has.

Then create a story, and the story correct, at the time of taking photos of products. With time you will create your own process of creation and the techniques that will help you to do this.

Until then, get inspired by photos of other photographers and products and professionals who work in commercial photography , and catalog. Are references useful to train your point of view and get ideas for your images.

You already know how to take photos of products and works with this? Enjoy and share your own tips and techniques in the comments field below!