Huawei and Lenovo Tighten in Smartphones While Samsung Share Is Suffering, According to IDC

A row of read yesterday with Xiaomi or Huawei sales figures, we can read between the lines coming strong from China. A new signal, from the consulting firm IDC, comes in the form of its smartphones distribution figures around the world, and could not go in the other direction.

And it is that they are now Huawei and Lenovo the two manufacturers that, taking into account global sales, threaten others better positioned historically. These could not be other than Samsung and Apple, whose share deteriorates Finally, although in both differently.

And is that if you look at the table, comparing the second quarter of 2013 with the newly finished, we can see that Samsung figures there is drop even in absolute terms. Goes from 77.3 to 74.3 million distributed units, leaving a 7% share on the road. That Yes, it is still well above the rest: even among the following three manufacturers manage to give reach jointly, whether considering Android as all platforms.

Apple also loses some percentage bellows, but it sends nearly four million units more than in the same period of last year. In any case, they have it easier to trace a third quarter waiting for the closing of the hand of the next model of iPhone.

Kids now weigh more

Meanwhile Huawei doubles its volume of distrubicion, reaching the 20.3 million units and touching 7% the market of smartphones, above the 4.3% that harvested in the same period of last year.

Lenovo, for his part, speaks of 5.4% of total market share, slightly above the 4.7% already maintained in 2013, with 15.8 million units distributed. LG apparently maintains lathe to 5%, with 14.5 million units, which returned him to the path of the benefits.

Finally we see that other manufacturers add a 45.8% of the cake of smartphones, with 135 million additional units. The reading is clear: the small, now and ever, heavier.