Kangaroo 50, The 4 G Comes to Orange More Gigabytes with Convergent Offering Including

You could say that the issues most fashionable mobile phones are the converging offers, which unite in one Bill fixed, Internet and mobile, and the last network, call 4 G and LTE, and Orange today announced the union of the two in a new fare.

It is of Kangaroo 50, that change pay five dollars more than 45 Kangaroo and sacrificing the unlimited calls from mobile phones will reward users with 2 GB 4 G speed navigation, there where there is coverage clear.

Increasingly there are more users to 500 MB or 1 GB at maximum speed on the mobile fall short by what Orange starting Monday will offer them 2 GB addition at speeds of up to 150 Mbps down to change pay more and give up unlimited calls.

Specifically Kangaroo 50 It will include ADSL and from the landline calls included in Kangaroo 45 being the difference in the services provided on the mobile. This will be included 500 minutes calls, unlimited SMS & 2 GB at maximum speed. 50 euros, including fixed-line rental.

Additional line for 24 euros a month

The mobile line, including Kangaroo 50 will also be available as additional line, offering the 500 mentioned minute calls and 2 GB at maximum speed by 24 euros per month, five euros more than the additional line offering unlimited national calls and 1 GB.