Micromax and Karbonn Ensure a Good Place before The Arrival of Android One

The market continues to evolve, that there is no doubt, because there is no infinite growth and which fall asleep can afford expensive. HTC is the best example of this, and in our country we have already seen how Windows Phone was placed over iOS for the first time marking a change of trend that will be necessary to study after the arrival of the new iPhone.

Most curious is, however, study emerging countries, because there the cake is still undivided completely and competition is still more fierce between manufacturers. So, We will begin by taking a look at the Indian market, where Google announced Android One was created, and where we have data thanks to the guys at the Counter Point.

Android One is the bet of Google for smartphones from low-cost terminals that succeed in emerging as the India, where local such as Micromax, Karbonn and firms are standing very well on the market waiting for the arrival of the new Google program, which are major partners.

In fact, the own Micromax is already the first manufacturer by sales volume phones in the India, although this figure is obtained by adding all kinds of terminals, not just smart.

If we talk about smartphones only, Samsung is the first, but with Micromax to grow dangerously and third Karbonn, and adding the Koreans a very low share for basic terminals, where are fourth in market share.

Here you have All figures from the study:

We continue to be attentive to the evolution of the Indian market, where Karbonn will soon launch the world – the A50S that will cost 44 dollars – cheaper terminal, and above all we will look at it with magnifying glass in the face of October, When Android One making an appearance officially.

Not only Micromax and Karbonn will be involved, but will it also Flipkart, and surely, there will be also some that another Chinese firm ready to snack is part of the market.