Motorola Do Not Intend to Change Its Strategy in The Short Term

Many doubt following the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, which would be the plans of the Chinese firm to integrate to the US manufacturer in its organizational chart.

However, it seems that Beijing offices see com very eyes the way that Motorola had begun at the hands of Google, so the Americans will continue maintaining its independence with regard to strategy and decisions.

In fact, the President of Motorola – Rick Osterloh – said in a recent interview that his company It has no intention of modifying your roadmap in the coming years, keeping your range of products and their pricing strategy.

Going into details, he explained that there will be a successor of the bike 360 for the second half of the year, but that Motorola will not bet to try other software options as if they have Samsung or LG. The Americans want to optimize the resources where they believe them more needed, so Android Wear is a reliable bet that also saves cash.

Osterloh did not forget either of the smartphone market, stating that Motorola will not expand unjustified way its catalogue, holding devices with contained costs and attractive design, although it recognized that certainly could be a range more among bike G and the new Moto X.

In fact, and although it does recognize that cost reduction has been important since the acquisition of the company by Lenovo, are they those who design their own devices completely independently.

Also featured were his statements with regard to the tablet market, where Motorola has no thought enter at the moment, every time the phablets have you removed attractive to small tablets, and large not sold largely.

Motorola to keep its independence is good news, and although strategies and changes of course are the order of the day, at least the Americans have already drawn us aslgunas strokes on his immediate future.