Movistar Will Give Bonds Instead of Free Balance with Their Packs

So far, when we bought a pack of card Movistar, came with 18 euros of balance (12 initial and 6 coupon), and recharging 82 euros, Movistar gave us other 82.

But on January 9 this change for the worse: now, when recharging 82 euros which will give us Movistar will not be another charge of that value, but a bonus for spending in three months. With this bonus can make calls, messages and so on, but do not use it to send SMS premium, call 800 lines, access to contents of payment of Movistar emotion or pay at vending machines, for example. What if kept is that, if we move to a contract, this bonus will become invoice discounts.

Without a doubt, this is a change for the worse. With this system you will have to spend the bonus before and we will not pass it on to other cards (with the service pass me balance) because for this we need a minimum three months old (which is the term that expires the bonus).

Do other companies take example? Is this a consequence of the obligation to suppress the round, in search of new revenue? Therefore, remember that if you want to “inflate” a card-based free refills, you only have until day 8 to buy your pack.