Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Halfway between a Phone and a GPS

The competition is organized, we have a hybrid phone/GPS like Garmin Nuvifone in some countries, Apple is opening its doors to applications that help in our orientation, and now is Nokia who is about to put on the market a special edition of his successful touch terminal, with the name of Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, halfway between a phone and a GPS.

The model loses the surname XpressMusic but wins in new features that make it closer to a conventional GPS such as the unlimited license to DRIVE and WALK, services as well as the latest update of Ovi Maps.

The license will be valid for the region in which the phone is purchased, and all off the kit includes a car charger and support into it, in the purest style of dedicated systems.

Let us remember that OVI Maps It is a Nokia service that syncs with the Web, being able to update and prepare an itinerary in advance, keeping them if we so wish for their future use. DRIVE is the functionality related to his driving by car, while WALK, walk.

There is no better way than a video to know that we are talking about, unfortunately, the screen appears which remains the same as that in the original model, which does not behave anything under the Sun, a handicap for its new orientation.

In terms of the specifications of this new version, nothing has changed, I lie, outwardly we find that the Navigation Edition boasts a finished silver colour different to that elegant.

A curious comment that Nokia plans to make three versions of the same terminal, to different countries, in which the main change lies in the type of connectivity of the device, being market-oriented Chinese most different, since it does not have WiFi connectivity.

It is expected that the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition is in our market during the fourth quarter of this year, at a price of 285 euros (excl. VAT). Let me know what you think the proposal of the Finnish company.

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