Nokia C7-00, Becomes The First Contact Socket

A few days ago we could know its appearance from all angles and images something controversial but quality, today we have an extensive and first touchdown of the Nokia C7, now with the tagline 00.

Likes it or not Nokia, Mobile-review Russians have done again it, and have already fretted quite with the second terminal Symbian ^ 3. First impressions are quite interesting, putting it ahead of the Nokia N8 as possible purchase.

In practice the phone is not so different from a Nokia N8, leaving aside the design, the lack of HDMI output, less internal memory or a photographic section clearly lower, let’s see it summarized in the following table:

The key points of the article are the following, or at least the ideas that gets Mobile-review this first touchdown:

  • The C7 Nokia will sell even better that the Nokia N8 due to its lower price, and as specialized on picture phones are not as important to the end user.
  • The materials are similar to what they can find on a Nokia N97, or even the recently analyzed Nokia C6.
  • The screen is AMOLED, 3.5 inch (640 x 360 pixels) and has a layer of glass as the Nokia N8.
  • The RAM is 256 MB.
  • The battery is 1200 MAH, providing 390 hours standby, and 5.5/12 hours of talk time (UMTS/GSM).
  • It is a prototype camera was not at a stage that could prove.
  • It is very difficult that Nokia will attract new buyers with this phone, but if much like the fans of the Finnish firm, after all it is the terminal Symbian ^ 3 more affordable.

Nokia C7-00 planned departure date is the months of October and November, at a price of 350 euros before taxes, about 100 euros less than the Nokia N8. The second, still seems to me more interesting since it has other virtues that fight in the market.

I consider that for approximately 150 euros more it worth switching to MeeGo and new architecture hardware of the Nokia N9, but it is a very personal decision, and logically there should be steps in the range.

Curious that the author of the article already is talking about a Nokia C7-01 version for early 2011, with built-in QWERTY keyboard, as well as a mysterious Nokia E7 also used Symbian ^ 3.

We hope that this “preview” and first impressions do not cause the same scandal that we had opportunity to live with the Nokia N8, which up to the Russian police kept contact with Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-Chief of Mobile – review. Honestly, I think that this Nokia C7-00 is less important from the point of view media for the Finnish firm.