Nokia C7 Has NFC Inside Chip, That Still Does Not Use

What a surprise we are probed on the inside of the Nokia C7, second terminal Symbian ^ 3 to appear on the market. In its chipset the guys at Nokia have placed an NFC chip (Near Field Communication) for future use, since currently is being given use nor the possibility has advertised.

Basically NFC is a wireless communication technology It allows you to transmit data between devices a 5-10 inches, and can be used to make payments, transfer information, etc. Nokia announced last year that all their Smartphones in 2011 should support NFC, it seems that the Nokia C7 is the first.

What little we know, in the mouth of Nokia, is that the device software is not finished. We assume that after the expansion of this information by all means, Nokia will give some details about its use in the future, or at least I’d like to know if the development is oriented to transfer safely, something geared to social networks or the exchange of contact information.

We find the advantages of communication between NFC devices in pairing speed and security, also has a power consumption low, besides being compatible with RFID infrastructure. With this enthusiasm had us Nokia a couple of years ago the possibilities of NFC:

Technology Near Field Communication (NFC) broke out with a force in the industry, even as an alternative to Bluetooth in some features, but with the time few actual devices have appeared on the market, while Bluetooth gear for your fourth specification, and in countries like China China Mobile operator works in its own technology RF SIM.