Nokia CBD, Some Details about The New Screens

In the past Nokia World arose several terminals in which the screen was made with technology CBD, did not give us many details more than were included in the Nokia C6-01, C7, and E7, and that his full name was Clear Black Display.

We know that the technology is hidden behind screens CBD is indeed AMOLED, as it can be found in the first HTC Desire or Nexus One, that Nokia has decided to place a layer based on a polarizing filter to improve performance in outdoor, and finish with the happy reflections. I’ll take the question of knowing if the Nokia N8 features screen CBD.

It seems that Nokia is still committed to small but sure steps advance because as we can see in the video below, Obviously improvement in display outdoors on a Nokia N900, but we can not discuss it on its resolution, which continues to operate the 640 × 360 pixels common in Nokia. The Nokia we see compared to the N900 is an E7:

The maximum size that these screens are developing is 4 inches, important dimensions and the resolution is a little fair in comparison with the SuperAMOLED from a Samsung Galaxy S, which has 840 × 480 pixels. We are going to see a comparative picture of C6 with the Samsung screen: