Nokia Lost 15% of Its Value in a Year

Nokia It is in a very difficult situation: they continue to sell millions of mobile but they are losing markets and income. This could be clearly seen in the financial results of the last quarter in which they could observe that Nokia fell 31% in profits selling 8 percent more phones.

You have to take for granted that this is the reason why have changed CEO and have hired Stephen Elop, who just started today working in Nokia, but the arrival of Elop on Nokia has not begun with good foot. Nokia announced today that are the eighth of the world brand, but just a year ago were the fifth and during this period they have lost 15% of its brand value.

Despite everything Nokia is the first manufacturer of mobile with 40% of the global market selling almost double than second, Samsung. However Nokia know that if they do not act fast soon will be Samsung who takes the leadership.

Nokia It has the ability to renew itself, it wouldn’t be the first time that makes it–remember that he was founded in 1865 as a trash-, for this reason there are many hopes in what Peter Skillman – one of the leaders of the WebOS user experience – can contribute to MeeGo.

Anyway there who predicts that in the next four years Android exploring the decline of Nokia, it will dominate the mobile market. Personally I have not clear since in the world of technology can always have surprises, but in any case, if the market remains still – without the entry of new players and another element disruptive as it did the iPhone-, it is.

So now the question is?Nokia did you succeed? It will surprise us and will return to what it was?


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