Nokia N Series C Prototype Seeps into The Network and Is Billed as a Preliminary The Nokia N87

With an aesthetic appearance very similar to the Nokia N96 and N86, although with a somewhat rough finish, East Nokia N Series C Prototype It was left to see as part of an auction that was being held in the famed web of buying and selling eBay and that well could be a replica come from some Asian country or a vestige of some device from Finnish manufacturer who was left in the road in full development, as you apreciaréis in the Photo Gallery accompanying this article.

The salesman says that the device is working properly, resulting in curious when less the fact that It ensures the terminal have been found in a bar, trying to perhaps make a nod to the controversial leak that occurred months ago with iPhone 4. Not to mention that it is announced as “ possible ” Nokia N87 prototype, which will be delivered along with their corresponding wall charger.

Either way, the device raises serious questions When it comes to consider the possibility of whether a leak from a future terminal of Nokia, not only because it seems to come out of the current design guidelines marked by the manufacturer for its terminals, but already by the differences shown in the GUI.

Some media are running the possibility concerned a version of Symbian ^ 3-focused media and lacking range of touchscreen terminals, as it can be the device in question given the sliding T9 keyboard and a number of buttons that decorates the low a screen that, surprisingly, it seems to offer a resolution and quality than previous models.

On the other hand, the back is a resolution 12 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss lens camera It can be the order of the day, as well as the volume controls on the right side of the chassis of plastic and metal, two speakers, and connection MicroUSB and MicroSD memory card slot.

Rumors about the Nokia N87 have been repeating relentless form since nearly a year ago, the Finnish manufacturer able to maintain a veil of secrecy despite numerous leaks of what appeared to be a final model sheets to be marketed. We can only wait and see which of the different features will be the chosen finally by Nokia, if it is of any of these.

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