Nokia N8 Passes by IFixit Screwdrivers: Very Robust Design and Easily Interchangeable Battery

The guys from iFixit explain us step by step disassembly of a phone just out of the oven and teach us to the last detail of her womb already form part of the cycle of release of any smartphone that boasts. Well, there is a new kid in the neighborhood and he has had the turn: We take a look at the Nokia N8 piece by piece.

Do not discover anything new at the level of components (processor ARM11 680 MHz, 256 MB SDRAM, AMOLED 3.5 inch nHD …). In fact, it is not the first time we read How to disassemble a N8 Since the manual had leaked to Nokia Care technicians some time ago. However, the notions of these experts leaves us significant details:

  • The Nokia N8 has probably the most robust design of his generation, inside just see glue and components are set with mechanical seals. On give it a 8 out of 10 in terms of ease of repair.
  • The the touch screen controller It is the same used in the Kin Two and BlackBerry Torch (Synaptics T1201A); whose sensitivity is good, but you aren’t among the best we know. On the other hand, the glass screen is not connected to the AMOLED panel, therefore no need to replace both when damage us the glass.
  • Nokia had to be pretty creative to deciding the location of antennas, because almost all of the circuitry is enclosed in aluminium: have placed them on the flat plastic caps (one at the top and others at the bottom).
  • None of the two chambers can be separated from the motherboard. The main 12 MP camera has a sensor whose optical elements have a complex form that It offers a high quality in a small space. On the other hand, we discover huge capacitor of the xenon flash which gives the necessary voltage for a very bright light.
  • Remove the battery from the N8, even though Nokia says that it is not accessible to the user, a breeze: just remove the two Torx screws that there are sides on the part of down the phone, remove cover where is the lock button and slide the BL-4 d 1200 mAh Li-ion battery by pulling the plastic tab.