Nokia N9, Suspicious Specifications Leaked

The interest that cause the Nokia N9 and N8 among the followers of the technological means it is important, it seems that since the times of the N95 a phone to remove from the well to the Finnish firm, and expectations placed on them after previous fiasco we seek are high.

And I don’t mean to not work well in the market, but that the own Nokia says that it is not happy with some phones such as the Nokia N97. The Nokia N8 is liked for its possibilities, but Nokia N9 also brings a new OS (MeeGo) and more chords to our days, or at least that specifications can interpret the latest leak.

Certainly the Finnish company It is having serious problems to keep secret his Nokia N9, If we could see that such it looked, now specifications that are spreading across the network without any kind of confirmation, we get so we must be especially careful with this data.

I think equally important to share it with you, information come to US from China, and in it they are a 1 GHz processor, a 4 inch screen with resolution WVGA, 512MB RAM, 1GB of ROM, and 160 grams of weight.

In the case of the processor, it is spoken of the Snapdragon QSD8250, in fact expected by year’s end a terminal Nokia Qualcomm technology, but at that time there was talk of Symbian as operating system.

The camera might not be the strong point of the phone if compared with the possibilities of the Nokia N8, since running it will have 5-megapixel camera, that Yes with ability to record video in 720 p format.

More strange it seems to me the data that will be available from 64GB of internal memory, a disproportionate number compared with “high range” of the competition phones.

Details that make us suspicious of the specifications

There are more credible than others, and as the original source of all this is from a Chinese forum must walk us gently, I would like to comment on some points:

  • Firstly, the Forum news source speaks of SuperAMOLED for the screen, have discussed long and hard on the theme: Samsung cannot cover its own demand, hardly will provide third-party displays.
  • In some specialized forums ensures that MeeGo will use the hardware platform Texas Instruments OMAP3, and not the option Snapdragon.
  • I find it strange that the chosen camera is 5MP, I do not say that they will use the specialized Nokia N8 sensor, but the company has phones of so-called lower price with 8 megapixel camera modules. This has nothing to do with think that Megapixels are important.

What is your opinion on this?, knowing how it works business, sure that in a few days will unravel more details.