Nokia N97 ‘Mini’ Photos, Giving Way to an Interesting Rumor

Is not the first time that we hear of a reduced version of the Nokia N97, a couple of months ago came the news from the official Forum of Vodafone in Ireland that the operator had no interest to become the flagship of Nokia services, because they preferred the mini version of the same.

This information has slowly been forgotten as one rumor more beginning of summer, but today we get images from an anonymous French blog, making rewarming the rumor mill.

As we can see in the two pictures that accompany the news, we find ourselves with a slightly smaller and more slender than the N97 device, with subtle design changes, among which we highlight the loss of the sliding cover of the camera.

The appearance is not very different, we see a somewhat smaller screen, and the disappearance of the directional pad, leaving your room for the QWERTY keyboard.

Following the rumor mill, the blog guys inform us that this mini version would have a lower amount of internal storage, in particular 8GB.

Following the expansion of the news, those responsible have removed information and images, we do not know if motivated by third parties, or it is a decision of the own blog, but it is suspicious. We will see that we have in September during the celebration of the event Nokia World.