Nokia Tells Us Some of Their Plans for 2011, and The Nokia E7 Delayed

Nokia He is doing presentations in China that is counting very interesting details about his line of work in 2011, standing above the rest of information the arrival of dual core processors to phones Symbian in 2011.

It is not a secret that was working on this possibility, since the roadmap for Symbian was open to all who would follow him, and already in February 2010 There was talk about dual-core and developments of Qualcomm.

We are talking about a time in which everything was about to change, still sent the Symbian Foundation, and development was not led by Nokia, in addition to different versions would carry the tagline ^ N. Most news explained them a few months ago, as the new denominations or planning of Qt shared with MeeGo-based development.

Symbian News in 2011

Now we know that news will be coming in the form of updates to the current Symbian ^ 3, and we can summarize them (where known) points:

  • In the first quarter of 2011 will be more than 50 new features, such as a new browser, new keyboard, or draggable items on the home screen.
  • There will be a significant renewal of the interface in July, and a second in October 2011.
  • The HTML5-based web browser will be updatable independently to the system.
  • Will improve the experience of updating the software installed on your computer.
  • Between the second and third quarters we will have the first Nokia with processors at 1 GHz, and more memory for graphics issues.
  • 2011 will be phones with dual core processors. In these two last points they arrive a bit late if we look at the circuiterias that are already using Android or Windows Phone 7.
  • Will debut the technology True Zoom, We have no idea of what refers, but it could be some sort of special digital zoom, or the incorporation of optical zoom cameras.

Nokia E7 delayed

Initially scheduled for December of this year, we thought it was rare to check that it finished the year and there was no news about it, because we know why, and is that according to the own Nokia delayed to the first quarter of 2011.

The excuse made by Nokia is they want users to have the best possible experience, which I do not understand from the point of view software if you are using the same as the Nokia N8. May want to launch it directly with the update that is expected for January of Symbian ^ 3.

For those who have forgotten the model, it is a device with 4 inch screen and QWERTY keyboard, You can also highlight its 8 megapixel camera, 16 Gb of internal memory and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. We share our first impressions with it in the Nokia World.

800 workers to the ranks of the unemployed

The following not-very-positive news about Nokia is that layoffs of 800 workers in Finland planned, will be held during the month of January.

Nokia plans to offer compensation amounting to 5 to 15 months of salary, in addition also planned relocations of employees in the company. This is just a pinch, because little by little you will arrive at the figure of 1,800 laid-off employees was announced in October.