Odds That Nokia N9 Does Not Arrive on Time at The Nokia World

The Nokia World This year promises mainly by new terminals that are going to present, we will again see the Nokia N8, and the star will surely the Nokia E7, which despite not being a powerhouse, is working very well medially.

The problem is found with the Nokia N9, from our point of view the most important Finnish company phone, first by brand new operating system MeeGo and secondly by having a hardware presumably at the height of competition. Where is the problem?, there is a high chance that the phone and its software does not arrive in time for a presentation at these levels.

I’d sincerely that day that teach something is a finished product that comes in through the eyes, and not something that can promise much, so if thats the reason, better than best. It is also true that the Nokia World He would lose enough without his presence, although we do not believe that it take long to show to the general public, since Nokia said that this would be before the end of the year.

The Nokia N9 will be the flagship of the range of Nokia phones, because of their special characteristics and because a phone that goes beyond the experiment is necessary Nokia N900. I bet that some markets will have it available in the month of December.

The original source of this rumor is the site mobil.se, which has been in contact with the own Nokia reported that Nokia N9 will be delayed, and running to the Meego Conference from 15 to 17 November for submission. We hope to be wrong and that is the week that comes, but I’ve State reading other important sources who claim that it will not be.