Or Symbian or Maemo, Nokia We Are Surprised? with Windows

Weeks ago there were rumors about the ultraportable he prepared Nokia and just before the announcement of the Nokia-Microsoft agreement came to talk about even a smartphone of Nokia with Windows Mobile.

Well, those two rumors have been combined in a strange way today and have given rise to a reality, indeed, the ultraportable Nokia exists, it is called Nokia Booklet 3G and your operating system is….Windows. It is assumed that it will run Windows 7 Since there is speculation his departure by the end of 2009.

And that makes an ultraportable mobile blog? Well, leaving aside the fact that as you can guess by its name includes a modem 3 G integrated, and that increasingly will be more difficult to distinguish between mobile and data devices have another fact to consider. Don’t talk about another thing more that what we now consider a few days ago, the own course of company.

Except large dismissal of this author does not expect nothing spectacular in terms of mobile of Nokia for fall, there will surely innovations but nothing revolutionary. On the other hand we now have two protagonists: the Nokia N900 and presented today Nokia Booklet 3G, two devices that data connections are the undeniable stars. We have also the increasing prominence of Ovi, the Nokia app store. And let us not forget that the agreement with Microsoft talked a lot of Office, SharePoint, in short, not necessarily of voice and connectivity.

Where will you be Nokia? We get the question again, and let us not forget that IBM He moved from computer manufacturer to seller of services, there is nothing immutable…

Update: more will be knowing, we read on Slashgear that estimated a price of 799 dollars. That change is 557 euros, seems expensive and if as they do other brands applied 1:1 change is very expensive. Let’s not forget that it is a netbook. An inflated price to fall into the “bait” of subsidies?