Qualcomm Presents Its Collection of Games Optimized for Android

Little by little the video games on Android market begins to save certain similarities with the consoles. If in your day NVIDIA opted to offer exclusive titles for the users of your processor’s dual-core Tegra Zone through it is now the turn of another large manufacturer: Qualcomm.

This morning, San Diego company has announced the launch of Snapdragon Game Pack or what is the same: a collection of optimized games for users who have devices with chips made by Qualcomm. The war is served.

This pack of games optimized for devices with the Snapdragon chip, estará available in the Android Market In addition to other device manufacturers’s own distribution platforms.

Qualcomm has closed agreements with various game developers. Namely: Babaroga Booah USA Com2us, Digital Chocolate, Eyelead Software, Glu, GUIL Software, Namco Bandai Games, Gameloft, Natural Motion, Polarbit, Southend Interactive and Tripwire Interactive, almost nothing.

With this agreement, the developers may choose which their games come pre-installed 125 terminals that today use the Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm company.