Samsung Reduces Benefits in a Very Competitive and Saturated Market

Finished the second quarter, the various companies for analysis and pos manufacturers themselves now publishing us their data from the period. In this case, Samsung arrives with a somewhat diminished figures than in previous years, detailing a fall of around 7% in global Smartphone share.

The figures are clear, Samsung earned 6,100 billion dollars in benefits. Benefits that are a 19.6% lower than those they saw last year. Koreans directly point to a drop in demand for smartphones and tablets, with increased investment in advertising and inventory liquidations.

The S5 Galaxy sold well, but it is not enough to keep the ritmoTal and as detailed in Engadget, even though it is true that the tablets have fallen, smartphones not so much. These provide much of the benefits of the giant, $ 4.310 billion.

What perhaps is worrying is the fact that, this quarter, Samsung has launched its smartphone reference by 2014. The S5 Galaxy, despite a good start in their sales, does not seem to be resolving the ballot to the Koreans, despite sold 10 percent more than the previous model.

The race, in specifications and price

Even though Samsung already not is flooding the market with as many versions as a few years ago, they have rushed to promise a greater diversity of catalog, so we should perhaps prepare ourselves for a new avalanche of brand phones.

“Samsung expects to increase its sales of mobile devices with the launch of products star and new models, but profitability could suffer due to a fervent career over the price and specifications.”

It is true that the mobile phone market is more competitive every week that passes, with terminals ranging from bike G and E in the range from entry-level to others competing in price with manufacturers as Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi or rising like foam LG.