Schmidt Said That Google Is Winning The War to Apple, Although The Model Is Not Perfect

What Android is winning him the game, If we abide by market share, Apple it is not no surprise. All consultants are in agreement with studies publishing, that the difference is large and there are reasons of all kinds, starting with the great variety of smartphones and accessories.

Now, Erich Schmidt in an interview says that Google is winning the war to Apple with a difference more clear. Using the analogy of the PC market in the 1990s which in many cases has been used to explain the success of Android.

While Google is the 72% of the market share in the third quarter, according to Gartner, Eric also does a bit of self-criticism and recognizes that the model they have in hand is not perfect and that it also has problems and difficulties.

They are on the one hand not to a system controlled and managed in the best possible way, all for the sake of maintaining an ecosystem in which anyone can participate, although we also know how is Google them spent with some Android forks.

Now the challenge for Google is keeping on top. Apple will not change its strategy, while Windows Phone over seeks to fight for third place to rub shoulders with the two systems which today lead the mobile market.