Scott James: Would That Everyone Wants in The Cabinet Its Spring/Summer 2012?

While we assist lookbooks of autumn as the season proceeds, they begin to appear the first collections Spring/summer 2012 smaller firms spread throughout Europe. Blows cool air on the international scene and, for the part that touches us, Scott James In addition to fresh it presents them quite colorful with a mix of trends, ranging from the lightest preppy to the chic sport.

A very complete lookbook, with a fairly broad register of garments and a collection of footwear and accessories at the height of the rest of the garments. Without a doubt, a success for those who choose it this coming spring.

The printed graphics they are not the strong of the firm. They prefer the geometry such as stripes or pictures, half way between the Tartan or the picture of vichy. Not only combined between them but that also pastries do in a varied colored background to harmonize the whole.

Navy-style Blazers, with slim fit design but oversized in length, single breasted, and finishes softened by curved shapes. Pants to play in the same tone and to contrast a shirt box vichy in peach tone. A set of very cool, because all it is made out of linen, and above all very colorful.

Shorts, of cut straight and geometric, combined with madras shirts and hoodies hoodies that are also present in the collection. It is of a preppy style something more relaxed and fitted to the sport in many of her outfits.

Shirts from floral prints in shades of blue and white, as Hawaiian eta, cardigans with lapel collar and multi-botonadura asymmetric finished in dark blue tones. A totally unstructured style décor whose result convinces us quite.

Quilted in electric shades of Yellow Jackets that combine with blazers of classic cuts and neck flap. If we seemed low contrast, the paisley shirt It is the icing on the cake in it comes to combinations.

Perhaps his strongest point is the colors game which makes, although all of them are within the range of cakes (pink, yellow, blue, green …) is combined with some other power to break the contrast.

In general, all of them composed of three levels still, at last, easier to find blazers and vests.

They cared the most details such as add-ins: foulards, scarves, handkerchiefs, hats, sunglasses & #8230; and footwear than inside the moccasins, nautical collection classic fit shoes, we can find an endless number of different opportunities.