Statistics Confirm Android as The Platform Most Chosen in Smartphones

Today new statistics, these concerned have been known to the penetration of smartphones in the mobile telephony market, and although it may seem a lie, yet this type of devices are far from occupy a majority in the market.

Today only the 27% of mobile phones in the world are intelligent, and between this 27% comprises all major platforms, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, etc. This makes us think that Microsoft will not be so misleading when he says that there is still many fabric cutting in the world of smartphones.

However, and in particular, Android is confirmed as the most widely used Smartphone platform, with 11% of phones with the Android operating system in the world. iOS is left with only 5% to the level of a Symbian that continues in freefall.

In general, the most commonly used mobile phones are called “ phones feature ”, which are less intelligent and phones without powerful operating systems, allowing you to be served without contracts with operators.

Is estimated with the current growth of the Smartphone market, that for the same period in the next year the half of phones in the world are intelligent, and in 2013 that are already overwhelmingly.

Now work is in hand of the operators, who will have to deal with a increase of traffic data exponentially in their networks, although with increased revenue posed by the particular client data rates.