The Best Street-Style of The Week (XCVII)

Take a look at the photographs on street style published in the blogosphere It is always, how much less, inspiring. Although we often find the outfits too daring or far removed from our own aesthetic, we serve to remove any other idea and to open our mind to new possibilities. With this objective, once more we bring you our ‘The best street-style of the week’ section, which on this occasion meets his number 88.

We started our tour with a very winter image, which has been taken in Berlin. The look is characterized by the overlapping layers, with several items to be highlighted. Of course, first of all, this fantastic vintage, cross coat and brown color of the firm Christian Dior, that has been placed rightly on a black leather jacket. Tone candy military style boots are an ideal complement, along with the Yellow Hat that adds a touch of color.

Much more colorful is this second proposal today. Its protagonist is Karl Edwin Guerre, writer, Blogger and photographer, who so strikingly walked through the streets of Paris, combining the Green and yellow. That Yes, without neglecting the touch cool which gives the borsalino in similar to the shirt.

Is the jump now to New York to look at the clothing of Hubert Chen, fashion editor of ‘Elle’ china, in which brown tones are the protagonists. The simplicity of the basic shirt contrasts with the vest, coat Chinese and black slippers. That, what is most striking is the neck scarf that has become a kind of braid.

Back in Europe, we stop in London, where we are with this young man who is not willing to spend a bit of cold this winter. To do this, you have chosen Galliano, Vivenne Westwood trousers and boots of Zegna jacket. That itself, to achieve a look like this don’t need to resort to this type of marks. Between Zara and H & M and get one just for much less budget.

Bethlehem, author of the blog “B fashionable”, aimed at the female audience, has spent a few days in New York, where took the opportunity to capture some snapshots of looks that found you interesting. Of them, I highlight two that have most liked. This is the first, quite eccentric and only suitable for very bold, but that it has drawn attention for the charisma and personality that transmits.

And the second, and my favorite of this week, is this that you see here. I love the mixture of different tones camel of the American and the pants, shooting a little more towards Khaki, with the own hair of the young, that both the head apparently neglected beard, which becomes one adjunct of the outfit, along with the vintage watch, Pocket scarf, belt and shoes in Brown dark.

In light blue oxford shirt, black tie’s point and the Red cap out lucidly of the range of colours predominant, bringing originality and personality to the look, but having that feeling that the author is a person somewhat disheveled and neglected. Simply perfect.


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New York Fashion Week Street Style Spring 2017: The Best ...