The Collection of Swimsuits, Coinciding with the Premiere of Sex

Patricia Field, stylist star of Hollywood and surrounding areas has presented its new bathroom collection coinciding with the premiere of the work that has made him more famous. It seems that not have imported the stylist two things: one, that coincides with the Intergalactic premiere of the film and two, that their bathing suits no longer trikinis but cuatrikinis and make us the body on a chessboard with as much solar brand. Bathing suits cost between 90 and 200 dollars, about 19 towels, and sunglasses from 79 to 120.
The presentation took place in a terrace of Fifth Avenue, the Hudson Terrace and distilled by the four sides from Saudi air. The parade was not surprised the least, do not you think that he keeps total coherence with the stylistic line of your store, House of Field?. That whether we like it, that is another thing.

The Extravaganza of Patricia Field consisted of an array of models and also static mannequins, which deployed its art and stylistic knowledge, certainly looks more Add-ons could not entertain.

A nothing practical model but would that we imagine to? Samantha perfectly with it?. The show does not it lacked anything as you can see pictured, from mannequins to zebras and as scenario what? better than the Empire State to the Fund.