The Low Penalty on Vodafone All in One Could Reach 750 Euros

Increasingly there are more operators who dare with offers that combine in one Bill fixed with Internet telephony and mobile, with substantial advantages such as saving but also with some risk.

The Organization for the defence of the interest of consumers FACUA has already requested the withdrawal of the penalty for low early in the Movistar Fusion and now it is likely to also put the cry in the sky by Vodafone all-in-one.

The new product of Vodafone, which in principle is offered in a promotional manner until November 15, has a stay of 24 months on the mobile and 18 months in ADSL, without permanence if you hire him online, common stays but with some pretty striking penalties.

The penalty for low in ADSL is the usual, from 90 euros if you take it down missing less than six months up to 150 missing most of nine months, but in the mobile penalties are really high, bearing in mind also that there is no subsidization of terminal.

It falls within the logic an operator which subsidizes a terminal to impose a penalty on a customer who hire a fee to access a special price for the purchase of the smartphone choice.

What less logical may result in the case of all Vodafone one, without possible subsidies, the penalty It can reach up to 480 euros for those who hire tariff @XS or 600 euro with the @L.

Also must recognize that during the first days of the launch of Vodafone all-in-one commitment to permanence was altered on several occasions to be established as now by what can that penalties may even suffer alterations. It’ll be.