The Nokia N900 Appears in Official Photo While The Nokia N97 Mini in a Complete Gallery

Nokia wants to be headlining, takes a few days with news of interest and importance, such as the presentation of your Netbook, hogging the attention of the public and the media, today was not going to be less and you do get enough information about the Nokia N900 and some first impressions of the Nokia 97 Mini accompanied by an extensive gallery.

On the official image of the new Nokia N900, We see that every time is it closer to the proportions of a Smartphone (in Engadget could see the first leaks), and the truth is that you look very good in appearance and novelties, which is interesting to comment that your operating system is not Symbian S60, but the platform Maemo that is already being used in tablets of the Finnish company.

It seems clear that by what has been seen in the interface of Maemo Fremantle represents a breath of fresh air, anything revolutionary with respect to other systems, but if a necessary step if compared with Symbian S60, see to see that this is their real functionality. If you want to learn more about the system and the phone I attached a gallery taken by the boys of Mobile-review:

See complete gallery» Nokia N900, first pictures (49 pictures)

Specifications, do not forget me unconfirmed, the device:

  • Resistive touch screen (800 × 400 pixels).
  • Operating system Maemo Fremantle.
  • The same Nokia N97, 5 mega pixel camera.
  • GPS receiver.
  • MicroSD slot (up to 32 GB).
  • 32GB of internal memory.
  • 1320 mAh Li-ion battery,
  • CPU ARM Cortex-A8.
  • MicroUSB connector and TV-out.


Nokia N97 Mini

New Russians from Mobile-review has published a first look at the Nokia N97 Mini that we told you about a month ago, and I don’t ask how they manage, but they have it and they have proven it, let’s see which are the main differences encountered with respect to the original Nokia N97.

Obviously the size it is slightly less, just like your screen and keyboard, the latter worse quality. The phone comes with 8GB of memory (the N97, 32GB) and on this occasion the camera does not have lens cap. Also gone is the dedicated navigation button.

Fortunately it seems that the quality of overall construction of the unit has improved. Software issues, the new phone includes kinetic screens, already present in new terminals Nokia displacement, and that it will be also introduced via firmware Nokia N97, presumably mid-September.

Honestly I feel more of the same, and if not the N900 on road, this don’t believe to be the best path to follow by Nokia, by competition not to innovate and adjust prices, as another negative point I see in this Mini version, is that it is estimated will cost only 100 euros less than the original.

See complete gallery» Nokia N97 mini, new pictures (22 pictures)

Other interesting information that we reveal from the source, is that Nokia has four touch terminals prepared, some without keyboard, and oriented to the same segment as the Nokia N97 Mini, that the Finnish company will not talk until this that concerns us and the newly presented Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition are seated in the market.

Finally say that both the Nokia N900 as the Nokia N97 Mini, they will be presented at the Nokia World 2009 fair, which takes place on 2 and 3 September in Stuttgart.