These Are the Stupidest Tips of Beauty Bloggers


1. Turmeric Against Dark Circles And For White Teeth

Bloggerin Farah D 2016 often landed in the headlines. The beauty tips that every day they are their 4 million followers, are actually more than questionable. There were for example the trick to grease up the lips with wasabi, so that they look more voluminous. Which is no wonder, after all, begins to swell the lip by the sharpness. Another very strange trick: Turmeric against dark circles. The Spice that you should mix and rub under the eyes with buttermilk-that would allow work adds up and dark shadows disappear. The same recommends you also for the dental treatment make the teeth white. We say: finger away! Turmeric under the eyes roughly has the same effect like onions or chili…

2. Colored Pencils As A Makeup Tool

Also this beauty trick is little recommended: Bloggerin Rachel Levin advised in one of their YouTube videos to to just replace Kajalstifte with colored pencils. Just so you could generate a creative colorful look which remind on an Ombré gradient. That’s up dangerous, even the manufacturer of crayons is admitted. The pins are declared as non-toxic, but that doesn’t mean that they can cause no skin or eye irritation at wrong handling. In the worst case, conjunctivitis are the result.

3. With Sour Removal Cream

Evening make-up is off is important, we preach this continually. But not at any price! Beauty blogger Maria Yaeger is the Queen of useless tricks of makeup remover via So she advises her followers among other things to clean the face with shaving cream. Oddly similar to the idea of cream (!) to remove the makeup with the help of sour. Sure, makeup remover is especially on the move not always at hand, but it’s probably still better to take just clear water to rinse off in the greatest need.Because shaving cream, sour cream and co. are now not really on our skin needs and can trigger allergies in the worst case.