Topman Presents ‘Trans-Siberia’, Its New Campaign for The Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012

‘Trans-Siberia’ It is the evocative name of the last campaign of Topman for this autumn-winter 2011 / 2012. A trend that is inspired by keand theements of folklore Russian – leaving good sample prints and fabrics – which will be interspersed with other more current materials, resulting in a very contemporary looks that never cease to transmit a the more Bohemian spirit.

The micro-corduroy and the Velvet they are two of the key tissues, who will accompany the point in many finishes and other more technical materials in mixtures of tissues very avant-garde. Would you like to this Trans-Siberian trip?

The fabric Velvet star

As if the Tissue Velvet This year he returns with more force than ever before, and this Velvety material not only for looks much more festive, daily also may look. That if yours is that you combined with other much more coarse fabrics such as thick and as Matt. Topman have the American color so evocative as the Bordeaux , the Candy, the Blue night and of course in Black.

Aviator jacket

If the Velvet is the key to the most elegant looks, Aviator jacket is the Queen of this trend of Trans-Siberian-inspired casual style. This in Black lambskin Ecru has a pint of the more sheltered. Perfect to combine with turtlenecks openwork knit and shirts printeadas.

Point depth, with fretwork and twisted

Chunky knit crewneck sweater but puff stitch, that the calve, perfect because they hint at the shirt, and you can play with mixtures of color and prints from the top of your look.

You have them scratched in tones cake and terracotta or marino and Bordeaux – with strips of two different point weights – and other totally prints that blend different frets. You must also not lose sight of the classic v-neck cardigan in braided mottled point, like this in blue with Brown buttons.

Shirts with traditional prints

Shirts from cut slim in fabrics such as cotton or broadcloth in traditional prints as the Paisley or the liberty flowers, are also supported the fretwork. They are buttoned completely by tucked and in colors such as red wine, the blue ink or white broken. Which mimic the woven denim are also perfect to combine in this Russian-inspired trend.

Pants with pliers and turn the micro-corduroy

Pants perfect for recreating this Trans-Siberian trend are the pants with tweezers in fabrics such as wool and colors as the charcoal grey black. Of leg slim or cutting balloon but always slightly fishing boats leaving to see the sock. In more informal looks the micro-corduroy it sweeps the essential skinny or straight-cut pants. In as far as it colors from the Earth to the Bordeaux through the turquoise.

Russian-inspired accessories

Scarves and hats of point with prints mountain air, like this rib-knit in white with broken decorated synthetic hair, or is multi-estampada scarf toasted background and chocolate brown and an infinite number of colours.

Jewellery-vintage look and the lapel scarf

Now what insurance you can remember is of the lapel scarf or document, the accessory dandy returning this fall to complement interest, as well as for party looks for the more casual outfits. Choose one stamp like this mixture of blue floral full.

In addition to the more daring the best thing is to finish off the outfit with ostentatious jewellery and look vintage How is he. A great shirt collar-Cuello or this great stone in Bordeaux tone ring, both very much in line with this winter trend.

Moccasins and retro boots

Some classics black or Bordeaux leather loafers perfect to combine with your corduroy pants in intense tones. But for the trifle nothing better that a boots type Brogue as in camel color, take them with chunky knit socks also bright.