Underwear-Model:”Stop Getting Us into Drawers!”

Every body shape, every figure is different-that is what the fashion industry should finally understand and no longer categorize as”lush” and”normal”.  For this, the Australian underwear model Stefania is used via ruizesolar.com. On Instagram, she wants to encourage women to stop thinking of the drawer.


Under the hashtag #droptheplus, the model began a year and a half ago to promote a uniform size and fight for the abolition of standard categories. The term”plus size” should be banished from the vocabulary. After all, they would already have a size of 40, even though the average size is 40-42 in America.”Let models have different body shapes, sizes, and origins, and they do not always stamp out, I’m not proud to be called” plus.”What I am proud of is called being a model, because that is my profession.”

On the irrwitz of the fashion industry

Since then, the model has been calling on Instagram  not to follow the trends of the fashion industry anymore, instead of standing up to his body no matter what size is on the clothes. Young women are so influenced by fashion and their trends that they run the risk of seeing their bodies as fat without reason.”It is totally wrong and harmful to present such a false image to women and men,” says Stefania.

Curvy instead of Plus Size

The hashtag now includes over 11,000 photos. The 23-year-old could look forward to a big media conference. She also wants to rethink the model agencies with her campaign. According to their statements, most agencies have already changed their”plus size” category to”curvy”.

We are looking forward to the campaign! For more information, go to droptheplus.org .