Vodafone Drastically Lowers The Penalties Down on All in One

It does no more than seven days we spoke here of the penalty low early in Vodafone all-in-one, that it could reach the 750 euros, a figure clearly disproportionate and pointless if we count also not offered mobile subsidized.

The issue put together quite a stir in the network but it seems operator British, aware of the bad publicity received by this fact, taken by letters in the subject and It has drastically reduced the penalty.

In the case of the part of the ADSL All in one stay is 18 months or non-existent for recruitment online. For the first the penalty if you take it down ahead of time continuous unchanged, with 90 to 150 euros according to the remaining period.

Where if there is a considerable drop is the penalty on the mobile line. This is 24 months of permanence and until a user the imcumpliese paying up to 480 euros in case of contract product with rate up to 600 euro for the @L and @XS.

Now, according to the website of Vodafone where before the previous penalties were the same user would pay a maximum of 60 euros in case you have with the rate @XS or 180 euros in case you have with the @L.

A discount that leaves the new penalty in less than one-third than the previous one which could search for, apart from make the image offered so far, avoid a complaint by organizations such as FACUA, who has already reported to Movistar by the penalty that applies in your Fusion.