Vodafone Lost 3.35 Million Lines and a 11.7% of Revenue in Its Last Fiscal Year

Vodafone today announced its financial results for the last fiscal year from April 2012 to March 2013 revealing among other, interesting details about its coverage even though at the moment they are not related to the deployment of LTE as you might expect from the Orange and Telstra detailed calendar and map of 4 G deployment.

Revenues from services of Vodafone Spain added a total of 4,456 million euros, a 11.7% less compared to the previous year due to the economic environment, the optimization of the expenditure of users and the smaller size of the customer base according to the operator, as it lost 3.35 million lines, of which 2.5 million were prepaid. Among the most outstanding data, at the end of the fiscal year, we find that Vodafone has with:

  • Portfolio of clients with 14.396.000 lines, of which the 68% correspond to contract.
  • The smartphone users increased to 52.6% customers portfolio that grew revenues by mobile data a 16.5%.
  • More than and a half million customers with plans to Base or network, 30% of them with Vodafone Integral which includes fixed and ADSL for 15 euros more per month.

You worst results against three pillars of growth

Vodafone claims to have based its strategy last year on three pillars and although it is difficult that the profound changes take time to be reflected in better data, they do not seem to be deep enough to convince users according to financial results but what should change to reinforce the pillars?

  • REDvolución: He managed to make the offer more competitive and flexible to choose tariff and smartphone as it sought to Vodafone but continued wandering on required permanence with a competition on the rise which is characterized by the opposite. If installment payments already involve minimum 24 months for most would need had Vodafone from fouling its offer with the asterisk of the? stay if you want to have access to the rates more competitive?
  • Customer service: It is true that Vodafone has made an effort to improve care in store or by phone (to change start to) charge for it) improving to meet 75% of the incidents on the first call. Vodafone has demonstrated that it has well-trained capable agents to solve almost any type of query in a single call at least for diamond customers but the problem is that It still does not reach the bulk of customers. Two fundamental aspects that are still playing against.
  • Coverage: Vodafone wants to retain customers by the quality of its network rivals followed closely but isn’t decisive when comes to an advantage that also have the MVNO using its network. In addition Yoigo and Orange have been advanced in the deployment of LTE though Vodafone has underpinned its disadvantage stating that they already offer up to 43 Mbps HSPA + Dual carrier in 32 cities over which know more details later.

Is Vodafone track based on these three pillars? What other things should improve to try to revive the next financial results?