Vodafone LTE Will Arrive on June 7 Spanish Cities

Vodafone It will be the third operator to announce the arrival of 4 G in Spain and will next Monday at a press conference to get ahead of their rivals and become the first to deploy LTE in Spain While at Movistar not you of done the same thing that we are living since Telstra announced his intentions to be the first LTE operator and later Orange put him as the advance of ten days.

Finally Vodafone will not expect to have available the band at 800 MHz for the deployment of 4G and also use the 1800 MHz to start the commercial launch in June in seven cities which have been confirmed Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Malaga. One city more than the initial plans of Orange.

For a more specific timetable on the deployment and other details such as price or specific fees for LTE, will have to wait for the press conference at which we will assist to tell you in detail.

Movistar in a bind

The announcement of Telstra’s forward deployment of 4G to the summer already has done to react to Orange and Vodafone to like Telstra, used the 1800 MHz mainly to begin also in summer offering LTE in the most populated cities while are reserved spectrum in the 2.6 GHz to reinforce the new network in areas of higher demand of traffic and when available the 800 MHz digital dividend, will extend the 4G for the rest of the population already in 2014.

On the other hand Movistar This time could be more complicated to respond nimbly to rivals already that have their 1800 MHz more saturated spectrum, share it with 4G could create more problems than benefits and begin deploying only new network in 2.6 GHz doesn’t seem to be an effective solution by low reach and penetration is achieved in these frequencies.

Whatever option you Movistar feel better to begin the deployment of its 4G network, already weeks left so finally LTE is a reality in Spain by that Movistar not should take too to tell us their plans (whatever) not to be apart from another big leap in mobile evolution.