Vodafone Raises The Price of DictaSMS and Redial

If you’re a customer of Vodafone, it is likely that you’ve encountered the service DictaSMS or with Redial when you make a call to another number Vodafone that you have activated one of these services and do not answer or have mobile switch off or out of coverage.

With the disuse of the mailbox’s voice (or voice) which occurred after the progressive introduction of the service of missed SMS calls who warns of the numbers that have been attempted tor withtact us while we had the mobile not available, operators were implementing new more specific services that we could find on the answering machine, but with a very similar purpose.

Some of these services that Vodafone introduced were DictaSMS and recall whose activation is free for all customers but whose enjoy the service if it involves a cost for which you hear the phrase informing the service and agree to use it to waiting for the signal, in the same way that happened with the answering machine.

DictaSMS It is a service whereby we can dictate voice message that we want to that person that we try to get in touch without having to hang up and write the message as we would normally receive. With Redial on the other hand, you will get a call from the person that you trying to get in touch as soon as it becomes available. In both cases, as of March 7 the cost goes from 19.90 cents/use to 24.90 cents/use.

Remember that DictaSMS can be activated by checking 2031 # and call key or turn off marking #203*1 # While redial is activated using code * 203 # and is disabled with #203 # more call key.