Vodafone Yu: Unlimited Calling, SMS and Unlimited Internet from 8 Euros Per Month on Prepaid

Since Movistar and Orange launched its low-cost with Amena and Tuenti brands respectively, had speculated much of the need for Vodafone to give an answer and finally, the alternative will be yu: three fees prepaid for users of smartphones with the main benefit of including unlimited free calls to other Vodafone yu: in all its forms.

It’s three rates with monthly fee and benefits that apply for 30 consecutive days After the activation of the service whose fee is automatically renewed provided that the customer has available balance and as a novelty, the uneaten traffic (minutes, SMS and MB) builds up for the next month provided that the fee is automatically renewed. Advantage to take into account for card users who tend to have more diverse consumption.

New rates prepaid Yu are the following:

  • SMART8: Share of 8 euros (+ VAT so it is necessary to recharge of 10 euros) includes unlimited minutes to yu:, 20 minutes the rest, 20 SMS and 200 MB to maximum speed of browsing each month and is activated by dialing * 505 * 21 # and call button.
  • SMART12: Share of 12 euros (recharge of 15 euros) includes unlimited minutes to yu:, 60 minutes the rest, 60 SMS and 600 MB to maximum speed of browsing each month and is activated by dialing * 505 * 22 # and call button.
  • SMART16: Share of 16 euros (recharge of 20 euros) includes unlimited minutes to yu:, 100 minutes the rest, unlimited SMS and 1 GB at maximum speed of browsing each month and is activated by dialing * 505 * 23 # and call button.

In case of exceeding limits or not to renew the share due to lack of balance, a rate applies by default of 20 cents per minute (more call set-up 15 cents), 15 cents/SMS and internet is reduce the speed to 64 Kbps (except in case of not renewing the 30 day fee, which applies the daily rate of 1.50 €per day).

The Unlimited calls to other Vodafone yu: they are valid during 30 days since they remain applicable even though is they have consumed the minutes to other destinations, but to take advantage of them, it is necessary that the transmitter and receiver have paid your fee that month. To ensure that the call is not going to have any cost, Vodafone will include a small voice before setting the call which will warn that the call is free. Limit of 100 destinations other than the month in calls to 0 (minutes and establishment) with other Vodafone yu:

Vodafone will notify at any time SMS when consumed 90% and 100% of each boundary rate although in addition, user may check their consumption for free service “ how much I have ” in the * 505 #. Also will receive an SMS a day earlier, recalling the day of renewal and that must have sufficient balance to renew the fee.

The new rates SMART yu: they have included service BIS for Blackberry and are compatible with You and I, family Plus, Vodafone in your House 1 and Mensamanía, the benefit of these modules to first apply savings and then the rate the SMART yu:. If you don’t want the fee is renewed automatically when you have balance, you will have to change before the rate XS8 or the Gatuitas that will still be available.

In principle, these single rates available for your procurement by December 31, 2012, but knowing what happens with this kind of specific offers, be they normally end up being between us.

A platform of exclusive content aimed at young people

To welcome Yu:, during the first week, a graffiti artist will decorate showcase of some shops, with promotions and hostesses in the street to meet the new Mark low cost Vodafone aimed at young people. and during the first months, the new customers of Vodafone yu: will have a mobile numbers starting with 7.

Yu: will also have a website where young people interact and will find everything they need to be updated, play, participate in promotions, the integrated online shop or access the program experiences “ afterclass ” based on four pillars: Entertainment, travel, sports and work opportunities.

joyn and Waze will be integrated applications with yu: so can send messages through joyn and also you can talk for free because the application identifies which of your contacts is a Vodafone number yu: as with Waze you will be a day of actions it in universities thanks to geolocalisation and shops with activities Vodafone information yu:

The catalog of Vodafone smartphones yu: will include terminals as the Smart II, Smart Chat, Sony Tipo Xperia or Samsung Galaxy and among the most economical.