Where to Eat the Best Ice Cream in Lisbon?

Now that it is officially the heat, find out where you can eat the best ice cream in Lisbon. Enjoy the hot days, forget the diet and enjoy the pleasure.

Where to Eat the Best Ice Cream in Lisbon 3

The focus on healthy eating and without blunders is to maintain, but there are several situations that allow you to escape the rules.

The hot afternoons and the delicious sun and heat are an example of this. The end of the afternoon on the terrace, the evenings remain warm, the rides with the sun beating and the immense heat at the beach ask always for an ice-cream.

Taste the flavours more delicious and original ice cream in Lisbon in the eight spaces that we suggest the following.



It is a classic of the ice cream and if you haven’t tried is losing one of the best places for ice cream in Lisbon. The flavors are not innovative, being that strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, almond, and caramel are some of the options. What marks the difference here is the same as the strawberry syrup: truly handmade, it is mandatory to ask here.

Do not leave therefore to ask the conchanata, the dish that comes with four scoops of ice cream (a cream and the other three to choose from) and, of course, with the syrup.

Where: Conchanata | Avenue of the Church, nº28, Lisbon
Price: About 5€ per person


More of a classic lisbon that demands to be visited. The story and, by the delicious flavours and innovative that allows you to choose, the ice cream parlor Surfing is without doubt a point must to eat ice cream in Lisbon.
Here are more than 50 flavours of ice cream to choose from so get ready to lose half an hour trying to decide which will be the one you want.

Or try them all, of course. But never miss to taste the taste of kinder bueno (yes, there is the same and it is delicious).To complete the delights of the flavours, the décor of the space goes against the theme with chairs inspired by the ice cream and the menu offers also crepes and delicious waffles. Perfect to end a summer afternoon.

Where: Surf | Avenida Manuel da Maia, nº56, Lisbon, portugal
Price: About 6€ per person


In the heart of lisbon’s downtown is the ice cream parlour with a myriad flavors, always inspired in the Italian ice-cream. Here the flavors are always made with fruit of the season and, for the vegan, or with food intolerances, there are several options of soy.

Both may opt for the most traditional flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, as for options, the most innovative and creative such as ginger and honey, nuts, or crocantino with rum. In common? In the cup or on the cone, are all delicious.

Where: Fragoleto | Rua da Prata, nº61, Lisbon, portugal
Price: About 6€ per person

Where to Eat the Best Ice Cream in Lisbon 2


Is half-hidden in the restauradores square, but worth to go there to meet one of the spaces of the ice-cream in Lisbon older. Since the 1930’s that makes the Venetian is the delight of the locals with ice cream handmade truly Italian, the products totally natural and everything to enjoy in a small space, cozy family.

In addition to being able to choose the ice-cream in cone or cup, you can (and should!) try the two specialties of this area: the cassata (a cake of ricotta cheese stuffed with ice cream, strawberry, chocolate and candied fruit) and the spaghetti (ice cream with strawberry sauce, which reminds you automatically esparquete with tomato sauce).

Where: The Venetian | the Square of the Restored, nº8, Lisbon; Avenida Sacadura Cabral, nº28, Lisbon; Rua Agostinho Neto, nº22 F, Lisbon, portugal
Price: About 5€ per person


The garden of the parada, in Campo de Ourique, came one of the spaces more perfect and a must to eat ice cream in Lisbon. In a space warm and friendly family, they sell handmade ice creams and Italian flavors take who gets there to the madness. Difficult is to choose for it or ask them all at once or is it totally guaranteed that he will be back to have not failed to taste any (and after that will go back to repeat the previous one, it is guaranteed).

Peanut butter, caramel, buttery, banana madeira with dark chocolate or carob with strands of orange are just some of the bold options.

You can also always go beyond ice-cream in cone or in a cup and try them in smoothies, on waffles, in crepes, or even with croissantes. Forget the diet and good luck picking!

Where: Giallo | Rua Tomás da Anunciação, nº63, Lisbon, portugal
Price: About 5€ per person


The Nannarella brings to Lisbon the ice cream made the same according to the Italian recipe. It was with this goal that the owner took several courses in Bologna, and now can do in the Portuguese capital the ice cream the most delicious and traditional as possible.

Here has four flavors: fixed (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) flavours and that they are changing not only to meet the fruits of the season, but also to ensure the constant innovation and to avoid the monotony of the space. So depending on the height in which to pass by there, you can find flavors such as oreo, tiramisú, apple with cinnamon and melon or milk cream.

Where: Nannarella Ice-cream parlour | Rua Nova da Piedade, nº68, Lisbon, portugal
Price: About 3€ per person

Where to Eat the Best Ice Cream in Lisbon


Started with a space in Cascais, but the rapid success has required that extended to other parts of the country. At Santini you can either opt for the most traditional flavors like hazelnut, chocolate or caramel, as for options, the most daring and delicious acai with strawberry, sweet egg with pine nuts or gorgonzola with walnuts.

In addition to ice cream, there are many other offerings here that has experience. The pastries such as crepes, waffles, shakes or pie almond are good examples. Still has the candy flavors such as brigadier, raspberry with milk chocolate, passion fruit with chocolate or strawberry with white chocolate.

If you still have space, also try the gins!

Where: Santini | you Can know all the spaces Santini here
Price: About 5€ per person


Came in 2009 and since then has been successful. Already created hundreds of flavors of ice cream, but in the stores they are available only between 18 and 25, while the traditional ones are permanent and the more daring are rotating. This is why flavors such as vanilla and straciatella are options always possible, salami de chocolate, pastel de nata or nutella not always can be found.

If balls of ice cream in the cup are not the will of the day, you have delicious ice cream on stick with traditional flavors, or more elaborate combinations like hazelnut with white chocolate coating, yogurt covered strawberry or gianduja chocolate covered black.

If you want to escape even more to the traditional ice-cream in the glass, you can opt for waffles, cakes, ice-cream, crepes, or even smoothies.

Where: company artisani | you Can know all the spaces company artisani here
Price: About 6€ per person


The Best Places To Eat Ice Cream In Lisbon, Portugal

The Best Places To Eat Ice Cream In Lisbon, Portugal

Source: theculturetrip.com

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