Wrap Skirts By Nijens for (Almost) All Sizes

It was love at first sight:

When I Saw The Wrap Skirts By Nijens For The First Time, I Was Spontaneous And Got Immediately Good Mood.

Wrap Skirts

There is something so beautiful patterns, so great designs – for every taste.Admittedly, the skirts are very colorful, but we have finally theoretically summer and it may be some color.

Toll: each wrap skirt is unique and can be worn by both sides (reversible skirt, 2 in 1) with different patterns and colors.

Simple and easy to use: unbutton, wrap around the waist, button and go.

The countless buttons allow the fantastic sizes: from size 34-46 the rock as rock can be worn (closed), size 48-52 as a Casheur (then the rock is open a little bit), what looks well.

I opted for a floral pattern in black tone and wear the wrap skirt as Casheur, preferably over a wide (linen) pants.

Because the rock stresses exactly my “strongest” position (i.e. hips and buttocks), I decided what is styling-technically not quite optimal for a longer jacket in, so the silhouette is still narrow, but I have a great embroidery in my as usual black outfit.

The Nijens falls in light form A wrap skirt and exist in various lengths: 33-35/40/45/50/55 cm, also with pockets or pockets, with wrinkles and without.

The material is super pleasant: 100% cotton, priced are the Nijens wrap skirts at 49.90 euros up to 54.90 euros.

Plump women can buy Nijens wrap skirt with plus size in the shop at HOTICLE.COM.